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Life as an Artist

In Here we go again on August 19, 2010 at 1:51 pm

Ok, so here we go again, another show to prepare for. This time in Singapore at the Gallery ‘Collectors Contemporary’. For those that want to check out their website it’s The show isn’t until March or April, but I have to start now if I actually want to get them finished in time!

I’ve walked the dog – and she’s passed out in her bed, I’ve had my porridge with extra sultanas and prunes today. I have my cup of Mint tea here and now I am staring at my computer screen as I always do at the very beginning of a deadline thinking how do i go from this to that?! with a slight state of panic in my breath.

It’s a 2 man show, and I’m not entirely sure of who else I am showing with, but I have about 8 large paintings to prepare for it. I have just returned from Ericeira in Portugal where I shot the images that I think I will need, but oh, which ones do I select? I think I am pretty much there with it, I just have to narrow them down even further now. Sometimes you just have to go with gut feeling!

It’s a strange process making art. You spend months and months, sometimes years, making work only to give the work away to a gallery or exhibition space, and then you start again a fresh as if you never created anything what so ever. You put every little bit of emotion into each piece of work, and when it leaves the studio you just have to let all of that go with it and be left with the blank walls again. A funny feeling when I first started selling, but one that with time you have to get used to. The greatest feeling has to be knowing that someone who has purchased your painting, has it up on their wall and are enjoying it day in day out. Paintings have to be seen. There is so much energy in a piece of art that is absorbed by us ‘makers’. If only paintings could talk!! And well, you’re not really left with nothing but a blank wall, you are left with the knowledge and ideas you got along the way from the previous paintings you painted & the impetus to create something new and better and something that excites you even more. The journey is sometimes hard, but none the less, a very exciting one from start to finish.