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Time flies and paintings are made…

In 2011 on February 22, 2011 at 5:07 pm

I really can’t believe how quickly time flies! I have been preparing for my Solo exhibition in Singapore with Collectors Contemporary since mid August and everything is finally all finished. I’m, as usual, still critical of the final pieces but everyone I talk to keeps reminding me how I always say that I’m never please with anything! I guess they are right, I am my harshest critic. Having said that, there are a couple in this next exhibition that I am really happy with including (for when the paintings go up on my website) ‘Cubist Waters’ & ‘Liquid Universe’ … Ooooo – thats a tease isn’t it! Oh go on then, I’ll pop an image below!

I have worked so hard for this show, and they have been the most challenging group of paintings to finish – with working in the studio during the intense British winter freeze and having about 18 bouts flu… Ok, that was an slight exaggeration! It was such a relief to see them all leave the studio on February 17th. The nice men came along and packaged up each painting ready for being crated and flown over to Collectors Contemporary Gallery in Singapore.

I am flying out for the exhibition ‘QUIET WORLD’, which is absolutely great as it means that I get to see how all of my paintings looks when they have been hung. I have been asked to give an Artist Talk and I’m not going to pretend that I’m not a little nervous about talking in front of everyone about my work! Although, I did a talk last time I was there in 2009 and I was terrified then as well. well I’ll give it my best shot.

Gary and Alvin – the directors at Collectors gallery have been so great and relaxed and so easy to work with – I really can’t believe how laid back they are. I get so worried about things and having a relaxed attitude from the side of the gallery has really only helped me when I’ve been in the studio. If I worry a lot I find that it affects my paintings so much. I am really excited to be having this solo show with them. This is their website if you are interested: Although my paintings aren’t up just yet. Lets hope they get those cocktails shaken for the opening like the last time!

On a different note, in January, Rooms Art Magazine published a couple of my pieces in their 3rd Issue. It’s a new art magazine and is actually a really fantastic read filled with lots of interesting art. Get yourself a copy if you get a chance.

I also loved this artists work who was in the same magazine. He is a French photographer called Mark Mawson.

Here’s a picture of my darling dog Florence to make you smile (she’s the one in the middle so not to be confused). She’s feeling sorry for herself at the moment as she’s just had an operation, but she’s fast on the mend already.

Enjoy the snowdrops everyone…it means spring is almost here!